Mini Goals – Monday May 2, 2016

I’ve broken my overwhelming weight-loss goal of sixty pounds into smaller, mini-goals. My original goal was eighty pounds, so I’ve made some progress already. Right now, I’m ten pounds away from my next bench-mark! Make sure you’re aiming for realistic, achievable landmarks in your journey for change, then reward yourself when you hit your mark…with something other than food.

Ughhh… – Wednesday April 13, 2016

Between the snow and the kids being home for Spring break, I’ve used up more than enough excuses for why I haven’t been walking or working out. Either way, I’ll be checking in with any progress (or regression) on Friday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Missing: Find Your Lost Motivation – Friday April 8, 2016

Most people misinterpret the word motivation. To them, it’s an outside force that they are at the mercy of. Much the same way as people view the muse and inspiration: if it doesn’t show, you’re screwed. But introduce the legal definition of motivation into our understanding of motivation, which is action initiated by a desire for something (think greed, revenge and self-preservation), and motivation becomes something we can direct and focus. It’s the reason behind your actions, you only have to identify it. Read More

To Hell With ‘Should’ – Saturday March 26, 2016

I have a confession: I ate Arbys last night.

It wasn’t like I couldn’t take it and jumped in the car, speeding through traffic while racing to the drive-thru…my daughter’s fiance works there and what better way to earn your future mother-in-law’s affection than roast beef sandwiches? But you know what? I don’t feel the least bit guilty. Read More

Trial and Error Crockpot Pasta – Wednesday March 23, 2016

I knew I wanted to include a journal of my progress with the cookbook, weight fluctuation and the trial and error for each recipe but I didn’t want it to be the whole website. My aim is to keep the blog posts formatted like articles that stand alone. The solution? Introducing, Chronicles…the chronicles part of The Frozen Cookbook Chronicles! That’s a lot of chronicles! One more…chronicles. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Read More