30 Minute Mix & Match Healthy Grill Meals: Foil Packets

There’s something about grill-aroma. You catch it on the breeze and…Mmmm. My family calls out grill-aroma in our neighborhood like most people announce slug-bugs. One whiff of that smokey sweetness and I’m ready to light some coals and cook whatever’s in the freezer. The problem with grilling? It’s messy and side dishes mean running between the stove and the grill. Another problem with grilling? All that meat! We’re going to solve these problems…and you’ll be eating dinner within thirty minutes. I am reclaiming my grill and refuse to spend all evening cooking and cleaning up every time I fire it up.

The key to no clean up, veggie-filled, no-stove grilling? Foil packets. The key to quick-cooking packets? Cutting your root vegetables (or any long cook-time veggies) into small pieces, or dicing them. Foil packets also keep carcinogens out of your grilled foods. A carcinogen is any substance known to cause cancer in living tissue. Grilling meats (especially pork and red meat) creates carcinogens, especially in any blackened areas and when fat drips into the coals, which creates flares and carcinogens known as PAHs. All of these are good reasons to grill in foil packets. You still get that smokey, grill flavor but avoid many of the pitfalls of bbq-ing your food.

Foil packets are versatile, allowing you to cook almost anything in them. To make a foil packet, take two large sheet of aluminum foil and spray the insides (the shiny sides) with non-stick cooking spray. Stack the food in the center of one piece of foil, then top with the second sheet of foil and roll the edges up together to seal. Now what are you going to sandwich in-between?

Use this handy chart to mix and match your grilled meals:

Mix & Match Foil-Packet Grill Meals


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