The Limitless Two-Ingredient Muffin Recipe

July isn’t the traditional season for pumpkin flavored anything but I know more than a few people who can’t wait for fall and its flavors…including my daughter.  If you’re not a fan of pumpkin, there are variations  you’re bound to love including dark chocolate blueberry and pineapple carrot cake, which you’ll find directions for below….

Easy Icebox Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Warning: This pie is in no way healthy! Craving something cool and chocolaty…maybe a little bit peanut buttery? You can (literally) whip up this creamy pie in just a few minutes. This is a great no-bake recipe to  make with the munchkins…or teach your teens! What You’ll Need: One prepared graham cracker or Oreo cookie…

Mandarin Teriyaki Pork and Broccoli

My family loves ordering Chinese food…but it’s easily forty dollars with all the sides and additions everyone wants. One kid wants sesame chicken, another wants orange chicken…I want pepper steak and we’ll fight over rangoons.

Super-Simple Baby Back Ribs

I’m a huge fan of fall-off-the-bone-ribs and restaurants are great but expensive…especially if you’re going for ribs. There’s even a rib-fest where I live (it’s huge) but it’s also extremely expensive. If you want lots of ribs (or wanna spoil some friends) you’ll have to learn to cook them. Frozen Crockpot Chronicles’ Super-Simple Baby Back Ribs are steamed in the crockpot, then you can choose to finish them on the grill or sauce-and-eat. You can have your ribs ready to hit the grill when you get home…or later in the evening. They’re easy. I promise.

30 Minute Mix & Match Healthy Grill Meals: Foil Packets

There’s something about grill-aroma. You catch it on the breeze and…Mmmm. My family calls out grill-aroma in our neighborhood like most people announce slug-bugs. One whiff of that smokey sweetness and I’m ready to light some coals and cook whatever’s in the freezer. The problem with grilling? It’s messy and side dishes mean running between the stove and the grill. Another problem with grilling? All that meat! We’re going to solve all these problems…and you can be eating dinner within thirty minutes. Well I say no more! I am reclaiming my grill and I refuse to spend all evening cooking and cleaning up every time I use it.

Tricks To Tap Into Your Motivation

Most people misinterpret the word motivation. To them, it’s an outside force that they are at the mercy of. But introduce the legal definition of motivation into our understanding of motivation, which is action initiated by a desire for something (think greed, revenge and self-preservation), and motivation becomes something we can direct and focus.

3 Yummy (Nutrient-Dense) Pasta Swaps

Not all calories are created equally when determined by nutritional value, and one sneaky culprit of calories vs. low nutritional value is pasta. I’m not saying ‘don’t ever eat the stuff’ but there are other (more nutritious) foods to douse in tomato sauce and garlic once in a while, maybe even often.

Pasta a la Crockpot

Yes, there is a way to cook raw pasta in the crockpot and you’d better believe it’s super simple! Want to get out of cooking dinner tomorrow? You may already have the ingredients in your cupboard! (And I don’t mean what my kids call ghetto spaghetti…)

Doing It On Your Own

If I only cooked for myself, eating healthy, veggie-packed meals would be a cinch…but it’s not just me. I have kids who balk at vegetables and ‘health food’…and chances are yours do too. Or maybe you have a spouse or partner who thinks steak and au gratin potatoes are goal-worthy daily dishes.